Employer Spotlight: Fidelity Investments

UNM Career Services is proud to present our Employer of the Month, Fidelity Investments.

A funny thing happens when you work at Fidelity. You join groups. Volunteer. Collaborate. And learn that we’re not just a place to do a job, but a place that lets you explore and create your own route to happiness.

Fidelity offers a wide range of roles, including:

  • Finance & Accounting
  • Technology & Innovation
  • Investment
  • Sales & Relationship Management
  • Business Strategy & Operations
  • Internships

Helping people live the lives they want is our purpose. And while no one can predict their financial future, in our experience when people have access to the expertise needed to successfully manage their money, they feel more confident, can make clearer decisions and achieve better results.

Check out what Fidelity intern Kevin has to say!

Wondering what it’s like for UNM students who work for Fidelity? Check out this profile of Adam, a Fidelity Campus Ambassador from our very own campus.

Learn more about opportunities with Fidelity Investments at fidelitycareers.com/college.